ABF-032 | Climax Lingeriena Yu Rukawa

ABF-032 | Climax Lingeriena Yu Rukawa
Director: Simicy
Studio: Prestige

Prestige exclusive actress "Yu Rukawa" shows off her intense sex while wearing beautiful lingerie! As soon as they entered the hotel, the two of them wildly sought each other's lips. Rukawa, who is wearing her dress, runs her tongue along the nape of her neck and licks it relentlessly, arousing her feelings. Gradually taking off her clothes, her gorgeous blue lingerie is exposed, and after massaging her bust from above her bra, he grabs her thick hips overflowing from her thong. When he slides down her shorts and inserts his towering cock deep into her vagina, she lets out a high-pitched cry of pleasure, and when he slams her hips with a violent piston, her knees shake and she boldly reaches climax. The lingerie that highlights her feminine beauty makes sex even more intense, captivating everything she sees...


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